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Great ponds and other good water gardening ideas Christian Science Monitor
Building your own backyard pond is sometimes a challenge, but the final result can be stunning. By Mary-Kate Mackey / April 30, 2010 This will be my last ...

Roadside farm stands a labor of love for gardeners  For Carolyn Benton, the roadside farm stand in front of her North Main Street home in Raynham is all about the joy of gardening. ...

Youth Farm also growing leadership and community in a St. Paul garden Cultivating the hard work and the awe-inspiring nurturance that goes into gardening is noble work, and I salute those who have the foresight to introduce ...

San Jose garden with roots, Italian style But this isn't a home-and-garden story about bean rooms, though Fasano would gladly explain how to plant one. It's about an Italian guy named Joe who ...

Kids, elders collaborate in Extension garden   Colorado Master Gardener volunteer, is coordinating the CSU Extension vegetable garden for the second year. ... 

The Big Top Ten Organic Gardening Tips By Vera Pappas At Isnare ...  Your organic garden will love you for it. Create a bird habitat by placing bird houses, birdbaths and bird feeders in your yard. Birds are fun to watch and will control the insect population in a natural way. ...
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Help the Planet and Your Body by Exercising    You can grow your own organic garden! You will get your exercise from weeding, hauling, planting and harvesting. In turn, you can save the environment one plot at time because you lessen your family's dependence on wasteful agricultural ..

Grow a young gardener    Some children are natural gardeners. Others, not so much. Use these tips to help make gardening more fun for the ones who need a little coaxing. 

Several small articles on gardening.  Keep in mind that the blue links will probably take you to information with selling sites as well.  We do not ednorse these since we have no experience with them.

Seedlings in the greenhouse: How do they grow?  Starting a plant from seed is an extraordinarily satisfying experience. Although, besides a few second-grade attempts to grow daisies in a Dixie cup, it wasn’t until last year that I came to understand the full majesty that can unfold from a tiny seed.

Plastic garden pots can be reused   I re-use them all the time.  Eventually they harden and crack but if you are interested in recycling, here is a possibility OR use cow poop.  

How to Make Compost Without a Compost Pile   Recycle Organic Matter Into Your Garden with Direct Composting

Try No Dig Gardening for Your Backyard Vegetables  No-Dig Gardening is such a brilliant form of home-based agriculture I was convinced the TreeHugger archives would be rich with its merits. Was very surprised when I only found one mention, in a post chronicling Leonora’s permaculture adventures in New Zealand. 

From the Garden: Local co-ops offer advice in light of veggie garden boom  For those interested in the subject but unable to attend any of the workshops, Wells has very kindly put together the following "10 Timely Tips for the Novice Vegetable Gardener."

Add edibles to your garden   I have always grown a few veggies tucked in amongst my ornamentals. Over the years, my homegrown veggies have proven to be noticeably tastier than store-bought veggies -- probably because my veggies are picked fresh as opposed to sitting in some truck travelling up the coast from California or Mexico.

5 Organic Gardening Tips for White House Gardeners (and You!)  Rodale Press is offereing tips for the White House but they are useful to anyone growing a garden this year.  There were times that I havd had trouble with the 2 knuckle test, but I got better eventually

Slow Gardening? Could this really be the Felder Rushing I know?  Holy moly!  When it first caught my eye I was curious, but when I saw the name Rushing, I knew it had to be Felder from Jackson, MS.  Great read that will not only provole thought but bring a smile, or at least it did to me. We know Felder from many years ago and my wife had his father as a teacher, but the first picture of him, I would not have guessed.  I love the self description of him when he walks the garden in the morning.

Guerilla Gardening??  The headling admits this is illegal, but I was curious what they were talking about.  IF you have a slow internet connection the video accent is even stranger, but you get the point.

$1,700 from a seed investment of $100!  That is a lot of savings according to the USDA.  Check out the first comment.  Does anyone know what a checken moat is?

Adding cutting garden to yard offers opportunity for casual gardening  Do you like having fresh flowers in your home? Do you enjoy giving bouquets to friends? Then you'd probably be interested in planting what is known as a "cutting garden."

Keeping ducks in the garden   Even thought this story is from the UK and they use words a little differently, it might interest you in keeping some ducks around your garden.  They are not as destructive as most chickens and provide interesting benefits.

Local green thumbs dig into Ash Street community garden  Nice story about  a Columbia, Missouri community garden. IF you find one in your area, snap the space up ASAP.  Other reports say the spaces are going fast.

Organic information composed by Florida Professor  - aimed at Florida growers but good for a lot of information.  The writer does not sounds as if he is a dedicated organic grower, but good nonetheless. Be sure to click the extra links for more resources and info.

Soil: The Good And Bad Critters   Your garden soil contains both good and bad critters. Knowing them, you can make smart choices about soil care techniques that make the most sense for you .....

GARDENING: There's plenty to do now to get ready for growing season..there are plenty of things that can be done during the winter to continue enjoying the pleasures of gardening at home or on the farm that can give a head start for a prosperous and luscious spring season.

Ed and Teresa Rollins have been stewards of the land for many years on their farm in Giles County, Northwest of  Prospect, TN.  In addition to their beef, poultry laying and honey, they have been producing a natural soil fertilizer from poultry waste and wood chips for almost 12 years now.

While the Tennessee Land Stewardship Association was still certifying organic farms, Ed and Teresa were not only members but also on the board of directors.  There commitment to land stewardship is nothing new and this is reflected in their development of this low odor, composted product.  

They guarantee an NPK of 1.8/2.4/2.2 and that the application rate is one 22lb bag for 50 square feet.  While it can be purchased straight from the farm, there are also two retail outlets in the Shelbyville area. Bedford Moore Farmers Coop and Shelbyville Farm Supply.

Here are some links to learn more.  Some require the Adobe pdf reader, so if you do not have it, you can download it free here.   You may have to turn off your pop up blocker.  takes a minute to load pdf  a bigger pdf with more pictures

Plant Herbs to Control Vegetable Garden Pests  Repelling Insect Pests Using Organic Gardening with Culinary Plants

Survey: Big increase in US food gardening for 2009 Food gardening in the United States is rising rapidly with 7 million more households planning to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs or berries in 2009, according to a new report.

Growing & Harvesting Sunflowers  Sunflowers are one of the easiest garden crops to grow. They tolerate most soil types and their roots grow deep and spread wide, giving them the ability to withstand a fair amount of drought.....

Health Tip: Good Gardening Techniques Gardening is a relaxing activity and a great form of exercise. But all that bending, kneeling, digging and lifting can take a toll on your back, knees, wrists and other joints.

St. Paul city garden is front and center  Back when they started, there were hard and fast rules about gardening." Lee has spent close to five decades breaking them.

Tips for Starting a Hydroponic Garden  It is also a favorite pastime of year round gardeners who like to grow plants throughout the winter months, not just in the summer.

Gardening 101: Attracting beneficial bugs  One of the best ways to manage pesky bugs in your organic vegetable beds is to maintain a diverse and pesticide-free garden environment that attracts plenty of beneficial bugs. 

Growing site that helps plan your garden and keeps track of what you plant. One of our members won a free year' membership on this site and really thought it was neat 

Our legacy of farm-friendly presidents  Surprisingly, the second most common profession after lawyer was farmer. 

Students plant garden   A physical education teacher at Alden-Hebron Elementary School points to statistics that show that if you want children to eat fruits and vegetables, you should get them involved in gardening

Improving Your Knowledge Of Organic Container Vegetable Gardening ...  Organic container vegetable gardening gives people a chance to enjoy homegrown vegetables that taste better and are better for the environment, even without having any land. 

Loews Hotels Embraces Brand-Wide "Buy Local" Mandate At Loews, gourmet is going green," says Jonathan Tisch, Chairman and CEO of Loews Hotels. "In sourcing locally grown ingredients, many of which are organic or sustainable

Organic garden creates community pride
The Tribune - Kingwood,TX,USA
The members met at the Village Learning & Achievement Center to continue plans for the first phase of an organic garden that will economically benefit the center by providing Stoney Glen residence “Villagers” with an easy-access work environment for growing vegetables for themselves, volunteers and the community. 
The Edible Schoolyard?
The Edible Schoolyard, in collaboration with Martin Luther King Junior Middle School, provides urban public school students with a one-acre organic garden and a kitchen classroom. Using food systems as a unifying concept, students learn how to grow, harvest, and prepare nutritious seasonal produce.

Farm to Schools Program
Schools in three Tennessee counties, Hancock, Hawkins, and Cocke began purchasing from local farmers in 2005. See Existing Programs for more information on farm to school efforts in Tennessee.

Restoring the garden starts with the soil
Garden soil may look like just a pile of dirt, but it's actually a mini-ecosystem with organic matter such as microscopic bacteria, worms, insects and other creepy-crawly critters - all of which work together to give a plant everything it needs to thrive. Just as a mother gives life to a baby, the earth gives life to plants. 

GARDENGLEANINGS.COM  Blog written by Tennessee gardener in zone 7 but just about anything could make it on these pages.