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Horticulture therapy is a process of bringing people and plants together for therapeutic benefits 

These type of programs use the benefits of nature to make people feel safe, less stressed, more comfortable and even more invigorated. Viewing natural scenes or elements fosters stress recovery by evoking positive feelings, reducing negative emotions. The effort put into gardening also aids in the healing and recovery of physical injury in a less intimidating environment.

The enabling garden adapts to the needs of the gardener, to allow them to work 
around or with limitations that would otherwise severely limit or curtail their 
enjoyment of a favorite pastime.

Most gardeners clearly recognize that simply doing it is healthy and an easy way to enjoy safe and comfortable physical and mental activity  Gardening includes all three components of exercise: strength, flexibility, and endurance. One can easily adjust the level of intensity and duration while gardening, allowing virtually anyone to safely and comfortably participate to some degree. 

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